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I have a subversion repository with a directory structure:

  + a
  + b

In a other branch, someone had put the sub-folders a and b in the root directory and delete the other stuff (frontend, backend).


Now i have to merge this branch back into the trunk (backend-folder). How can I do that to dont lose the history from the branches? I use git to access and work with the subversion repository.

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Just use the merge to get the changes into the backend-folder back. This won't change the history of the branches. You shouldn't do this by using git use SVN itself to do this...checkout a working copy from backend and do svn merge URL/a commit and svn merge URL/b and commit. –  khmarbaise May 3 '10 at 11:01

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git-svn should be able to import the history correctly considering it uses by default the --follow-parent option:


This is especially helpful when we're tracking a directory that has been moved around within the repository, or if we started tracking a branch and never tracked the trunk it was descended from.
This feature is enabled by default, use --no-follow-parent to disable it.

If that does not work, making the right change (i.e. merging that branch in order to get back the original, already imported with git-svn, directory structure) directly in SVN before git-svn it, as khmerbaise suggests in the comment, might be a good workaround.

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I wrote a blog post on this subject a while back:

git-svn with non-standard repository layouts

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The link is dead and I can't find your blog post. This is the reason why link-only answers are encouraged. Could you fix the link (if the blog post still exists)? –  Joachim Sauer Nov 5 '12 at 11:39

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