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I would like to use formtastic instead of standard Rails helpers for my forms, however I currently submit them using Ajax (with remote_form_for). I suppose I could use the jQuery form plugin to Ajax-ify formtastic forms, but would it be the best approach?

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Yes, if you get your form working great without Ajax, then apply the extra functionality unobtrusively with Javascript, you'll have the best of both worlds. The remote_form_for option is removed or deprecated from Rails 3, but they have added a form_for ... :remote => true option which Formtastic will support when we merge in Rails 3 support (planned for 1.1).

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Thanks for your response Justin, I'm looking forward to using formtastic, looks like it will make my form code nicer. – Alex Korban May 3 '10 at 22:59

If you need add and remove fields (nested forms or attributes) functionality for you models — use cocoon gem with formtastic

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