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What are your recommended extensions for Visual Studio 2010? (Please indicate if its free or not And also its purpose / function too)


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CppLister is free tool for C++ developers. It just collects information about currently open file from intellisense database and displays various information for easy navigation.


Mouse Zoom (Free)

Zoom at the mouse's cursor instead of at the top of the visible document. Always scroll 25% no matter what zoom level is currently set.

Ctrl + Mouse Wheel -> zoom in/out at mouse cursor. Ctrl + Shift + Mouse Wheel -> zoom in/out all the way (pausing at 100 percent). Ctrl + Middle Mouse Click -> zoom to 100 percent.

Visual Studio Gallery Home


HQLAddin - for NHibernate HQL editor.


JScript Editor Extensions

Bundles the following extensions for the Visual Studio 2010 JScript editor

Brace Matching

Adds support for automatically highlighting the matching opening or closing brace to the one currently at the cursor. Supports matching parenthesis: (), square brackets: [], and curly braces: {}. Braces in strings, comments and regular expression literals are ignored.

Outlining / Cold-folding

Adds support for automatically creating outlining regions for JScript blocks. Blocks are detected via opening and closing curly braces. Braces in strings, comments and regular expression literals are ignored.

Current Word Highlighting

Adds support for highlighting all instances of the word currently at the cursor.

IntelliSense Doc-Comments Support

Adds support for the element in JScript IntelliSense doc-comments to allow display of new lines in IntelliSense tooltips.


Align by - Obviously I'm bias since I wrote it but it's the extension I use more than any other.


What about the HelpViewerKeywordIndex... helps (a bit) with what is as I see it 2010's greatest flaw, the new help viewer.


Quick Open File for Visual Studio 2010 - free. Simulates the feature known to Eclipse users as Open Resource. This plugin gives Visual Studio equivalently quick method for opening any solution file.

VS10x Editor View Enhancer - free beta. Type and member definitions emphasizing, end-of-block details, clickable hotspots (C# and VB documents)


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