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We're using Vault from SourceGear as our source control repository. Does anyone know if there's a code review tool that can work with Vault, or something that can work with local files ?

I've checked the related questions, but I didn't see something that works with local files (of course I may have just missed it).

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I know that Smart Bear Code Collaborator works well with Vault, and it's a great tool.

Full disclosure - I do work for SourceGear, but we don't get a cut if you buy from Smart Bear. I just like them. :-)

Internally (if you're using Vault 5) we frequently use Shelve sets for code review purposes.

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I saw Smart Bear Code Collaborator from the the related questions, but I missed that it supports Vault. Thanks! –  Miki Watts May 4 '10 at 13:54

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