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I would like to create a preferences window like in the standard Mac OS X apps (Safari etc.). I have found resources like DBPrefsWindowController from back in 2008 that matches the Apple HIG.

Just wondering if there is a new way to accomplish this? I can't locate any standard windows in Interface Builder so I assume Apple doesn't provide those, nor can I locate a official Apple sample code for providing this standard UI.

Thank you

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It seems DBPrefsWindowController is no longer available.

For now, i would recommend the up to date RHPreferences framework.

Available on GitHub. BSD Licensed.

Its a simple and easy Preferences window controller with multiple tabs for your next Mac application.

It also provides:

  • Auto resizing between different sized tab views (With animation)
  • Custom NSToolbarItem support
  • Persistence of the last used tab
  • Support for placeholder NSToolbarItems (eg NSToolbarFlexibleSpaceItemIdentifier & NSToolbarShowFontsItemIdentifier)
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