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My controller's call to repository insert method all the values are passed but it doesn't get inserted in my table..

My controller method,

        public ActionResult Create([Bind(Exclude = "Id")]FormCollection collection)
                MaterialsObj materialsObj = new MaterialsObj();
                materialsObj.Mat_Name = collection["Mat_Name"];
                materialsObj.Mes_Id = Convert.ToInt64(collection["MeasurementType"]);
                materialsObj.Mes_Name = collection["Mat_Type"];
                materialsObj.CreatedDate = System.DateTime.Now;
                materialsObj.CreatedBy = Convert.ToInt64(1);
                materialsObj.IsDeleted = Convert.ToInt64(1);

                return RedirectToAction("Index");
                return View();

and my repository,

public MaterialsObj createMaterials(MaterialsObj materialsObj)
    Material mat = new Material();
    mat.Mat_Name = materialsObj.Mat_Name;
    mat.Mat_Type = materialsObj.Mes_Name;
    mat.MeasurementTypeId = materialsObj.Mes_Id;
    mat.Created_Date = materialsObj.CreatedDate;
    mat.Created_By = materialsObj.CreatedBy;
    mat.Is_Deleted = materialsObj.IsDeleted;
    return materialsObj;

What am i missing here any suggestion....

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BTW, when you get bored of writing mat.Mat_Name = materialsObj.Mat_Name;, take a look at Automapper automapper.codeplex.com –  R0MANARMY May 3 '10 at 13:35

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As far as I can see, you're missing a db.SubmitChanges(); to save to the database.

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@Chris oh god how did i miss that! –  Oscar May 3 '10 at 13:25
it's easy done - I had the same issue this morning! :-) –  Chris May 3 '10 at 13:26
Linq-to-sql first time for me... Never do this mistake again... –  Oscar May 3 '10 at 13:31
db.SubmitChanges(); // <---------------
return materialsObj;
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Aren't you missing a call to SubmitChanges?

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