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As part of my job I complete calculations based on information I gather from websites. My question is what would be the best program for me to create an application that will search a website to extract information, complete the required calculations and then present results. After a brief search I believe that Visual Studios Basic might be the answer, however it gets slightly more complicated because I want to access this database via the net. In summary I want to: Input a request on a website -> this inputs the requests into my calculator held on a server -> which then access a website to gather information - > this then completes the calculation -> and finally presents the result back on my website. I hope I’m being clear but as you can see this is a little complex and I’ve struggle a little to keep it concise! I’m on my own with this and really need to get some advice! Cheers in advance

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I'm unclear what you're trying to calculate and what the database has to do with it. Can you clarify? –  Nathan Taylor May 3 '10 at 13:26
Hi Nathan I'm new to this site and was unable to post the lengthy text below as a comment to you. I hope it helps to explain what I am looking to achieve. –  Alec May 3 '10 at 15:40

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I have to perform calculations based on different information held for different chemicals, such as acidity. The calculations are not overly complicated such that I use the % of the various chemicals for each physical parameter, say sulphuric acid 20%, nitric acid 30% and calculate how corrosive the mixture is. This is a simplified situation as I can be assessing any number of different chemicals each with differing hazardous properties. The caculation part is simple but I have to look up each chemical and then identify what physical characteristics they have. This information is held on a European Agency web page, so each time I have to go to the website look up each chemical. The Ideal situation would be for me to enter the chemical name and the % present and then the application pulls the information from the website to perform the calculation for me. I hope that is a little more clear.

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