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is it possible to use the touch api as to read in and authenticate fingerprints? i have an idea for a biometric app but i want to make sure the necessary api's are available first.


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What device? If you are talking about the iPhone, then no: the touchpad hardware is not too precise to recognize minor pressure differences caused by the finger terrain. –  Pindatjuh May 3 '10 at 13:35
@Pindatjuh: I vote your comment up for the term "finger terrain". –  Jeff Yates May 3 '10 at 13:36
Check this article out: blogs.zdnet.com/Apple/?p=6352 most touchscreens (of which these are good examples) can barely track your finger as it moves across the screen in a straight line. –  Will May 3 '10 at 13:38

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No - touch screens and touch pads do not have anywhere near enough resolution for this. You need an optical fingerprint reader.

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No, the sensitivity of the touch interface doesn't give you the resolution to see fingerprints.

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