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Currently, I use a very conservative way to stop malfunctioing code. It is annoying at the time of a change when I have to change the checker parts as well.

                    System.out.println("NULL in getDirs(ds[],s,maxDs)");

So is there some prebuild-ready Null checker for pars in the API?

  1. Does Java build some ready table for Parameters? Perhaps similar to Stdin argv[].
  2. If so, where can I find all automatically build tables like argv[]?


for(Object p:pars)
       System.out.println("Lollipop arg your pars are in Lava!");
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I'm not aware of anything built in, but it should be possible to write your own annotation processet to inject some suitable code. It seems possible that only some methods need a null check, so having the control that annotations would give could be useful.

public void myMethod(X anX, Y aY) { ...

public void myTolerantMethod(X couldbeNull) { ...
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