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I have table and I want to swap the values from two rows. I have the rows IDs of the two rows. Is there any query to do that? Here is an example. Before the query I have this:

row1 : 1,2,3
row2 : 5,6,7

After the swap I want this:

row1 : 5,6,7
row2 : 1,2,3

I don't want write it in .NET code because I think an SQL query is easier than that.

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The first time I read your question I thought you wanted to make a copy of a row, but now I'm starting to think that you want to update the values in one row to equal the values in another row... but I don't get the 'vice versa' part of your question. Can you give some examples to help clarify your question? – Mark Byers May 3 '10 at 13:56
Vice versa here means that i need also to update the row that i took data from it with the data from row updated example : row1 : 1,2,3 row2 : 5,6,7 after coping i want row1 : 5,6,7 row2 : 1,2,3 I hope you got it. – Amr Elnashar May 3 '10 at 14:08
@AmRoSH: I've rewritten your question so that it is easier to understand. I hope that I have done it correctly, otherwise please edit it again. And you should try to write you question clearly in future - it will get you better quality answers more quickly. – Mark Byers May 3 '10 at 20:14

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If you want to swap values from one row to the other for two known IDs try something like this:

--need to store the original values
    *,CASE WHEN id=123 then 987 ELSE 123 END AS JoinId
    INTO #Temp
    FROM YourTable
    WHERE ID in (123,987)

--swap values
    SET col1=t.col1
    FROM YourTable        y
        INNER JOIN #Temp  t ON =t.JoinId
    WHERE ID in (123,987)
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Thanks KM is this query works with multiple rows means if those IDs are forign keys and i need to swap their rows. – Amr Elnashar May 3 '10 at 15:27
this should work if the columns to swap are foreign keys or just plain data. – KM. May 3 '10 at 17:12
Does this work with primary key ? – Janak Thakkar yesterday

Simple update works:

UPDATE myTable
col1 = CASE WHEN col1 = 1 THEN 5 ELSE 1 END,
col2 = CASE WHEN col2 = 2 THEN 6 ELSE 2 END,
col3 = CASE WHEN col3 = 3 THEN 7 ELSE 3 END 

Result: row values are swapped.

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Like this recent question?

Copy row to another row in same table and vise versa Sql Server?

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I created one table with columns name and gender. I inserted values in it. Now I want to interchange values in gender column as M=F,F=M.

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I had a similar issue recently I had a column for ordering the output and wanted to allow moving the order around. I was looking for the answer and ran across this question. This didn't sufficiently answer my particular query but maybe my solution will help others.

I had my database look like so


1           ,1           ,"Second Test text"
2           ,2           ,"First Test text"

I wanted to be able to swap them around using pdo in php. Ultimately I found a way to do it with one SQL query

UPDATE `Order_Table` AS o 
INNER JOIN (SELECT `Index_Column`, `Order_Column` FROM `Order_Table` 
WHERE `Index_Column` IN (:Index1,:Index2)) 
AS t ON o.`Index_Column` <> t.`Index_Column` 
SET o.`Order_Column` = t.`Order_Column` 
WHERE o.`Index_Column` IN (:Index1,:Index2)
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