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I have a page where a product appears on the right side and the user can add comment so i have a user control which gets all the comments and a small text area where user can add new comment for that product.

the link of the page is like


Where 1 indicates the id of the product and I have been hard coding my AddNote function below and fourth argument you see has been hard coded, but i need to pass that as the id of the product. How do i do this

AddNote(HttpContext.User.Identity.ToString(), txtComment, 1, DateTime.Now, true);

public ActionResult AddComment(string txtComment)
    bool rst = _NotesService.AddNote(HttpContext.User.Identity.ToString(), txtComment, 1, DateTime.Now, true);
    return RedirectToAction("TestComment");
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To expand on mmcteam's answer, your controller action link should read as follows:


it should be POST (as you already have it) and should have the following signature in controller:

public ActionResult AddComment(string txtComment, int productId)

and you would need something like this in your view:



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do i need mvc 2 for this? –  Pinu May 3 '10 at 15:41
Yes for HiddenFor but you don't have to use HiddenFor, you can use Html.Hidden(). –  mare May 3 '10 at 16:01

Add one more parameter to your Action and also add hidden field to your form with that parameter(id=1)

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