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I'm looking for a way to convert signals connections to a simple scheme or graph.

Let's say I have 2 components with 2 line/signals around them:

component A:
 input - S1
 output - S2

component B: 
 input - S2
 output - S1

This will be the input data file, and the output will be a scheme that shows it as 2 blocks with connecting lines around them or a illustration graph.

I'm wondering if an implementation of that exists in Perl's world.

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It sounds like you want something like the graphviz graph generator.

It's written in C, but there is a Perl interface: GraphViz.


use GraphViz;
use File::Slurp qw(write_file);

my $g = GraphViz->new;
$g->add_edge('componentB' => 'componentA', label => 'S1');
$g->add_edge('componentA' => 'componentB', label => 'S2');

write_file('out.png', $g->as_png);

You could load your input data and keep track of component connections via a hash on the signal number, then call add_edge for each one.


graphviz output

(labels are optional).

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I think this might be good to try, but still after over look at the GraphViz, I'm wondering how can I make a massive data connections without losing its readability. The final purpose is to map a CPU architecture. –  YoDar May 4 '10 at 8:04

Cf. Graph::Easy and GraphViz.

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