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How do I call setStatus from within awakeFromNib?

-(void)awakeFromNib {
    setStatus; // how?

/* Function for setting window status */
- (void)setStatus {
    [statusField setStringValue:@"Idle"];
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In Objective-C, you don't call a method, you send a message to an object. In your case, the object is self. –  mouviciel May 3 '10 at 15:25

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In Objective-C, you use self to refer to the current object:

[self setStatus];
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Maybe you might want to revise that method to be this:

- ( void ) setStatus: ( NSString *) status {

    [ statusField setStringValue: status ];


You can then call it like this:

[ self setStatus: @"Idle" ];
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