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Does anyone have a list of changes from Silverlight 3 DataGrid to Silverlight 4 DataGrid?

Best Regards, Jesper

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Column resizing, mouse wheel support. Here's a couple of links.

DataGrid Enhancements

Silverlight 4 Rough Notes: Data Grid Enhancements

From Ensuring That Your Silverlight Applications Work with Silverlight 4:

DataGridCell objects and automation focus when currency changes in the DataGrid

DataGridCell objects in Silverlight 4 receive automation focus when currency changes in the DataGrid, rather than focus remaining on the DataGrid itself.

Some more detail: UI Automation clients originally did not get information about the currently focused cell because DataGridCell objects are not focusable controls (attempted Focus returns false). This has not changed. DataGridCell objects are still not focusable in UI. However, for Silverlight 4 they will receive automation focus when DataGrid currency changes. Now when you tab into a DataGrid and use the ARROW keys to change currency, automation focus will move to the individual cell peers so that UI Automation clients can receive specific automation property information for the cells. Previously, automation focus remained on the DataGrid; this remains as the Silverlight 3 behavior, based on the Silverlight 3 System.Windows.Controls.Data.dll.

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