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I'm new to SilverLight and Mvvm-Light. I have a DataForm on my view that displays/edits a SelectedPerson property (a Person object) of my view model.

I want to execute a command on my viewmodel when the user clicks the Save button but don't want to take action if the user clicks cancel.

I added the following to my ViewModel:

public RelayCommand PersonEditEnded {get; set;}
public void Initialize()
  PersonEditEnded = new RelayCommand(DoSomething);

public void DoSomething()

I added the following to my View:

<toolkit:DataForm x:Name="PersonForm" ... CurrentItem="{Binding SelectedPerson, Mode=TwoWay}">
    <i:EventTrigger EventName="EditEnded">
      <gs:EventToCommand Command="{Binding PersonEditEnded, Mode=OneWay}"/>

This works and the DoSomething method is being called when the user presses Submit. However, DoSomething is also called when user presses Cancel. Is there a way to know which button was pressed or to supress the call when Cancel is pressed?

Thanks for whatever help you can offer!

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The information you are looking for is hidden quite deeply into the DataFormEditEndedEventArgs, in the EditAction. This property of type DataFormEditAction can be either Commit or Cancel.

There is a way to pass the argument to the Command: Set the property PassEventArgsToCommand (on the EventToCommand object) to True. On the ViewModel, use a RelayCommand. The parameter of the delegate will be the event args, then you can do something like

e =>
    if (e.CommitAction == DataFormEditAction.Commit)

Hope it helps,


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Ok,...but if you don't pass the DataForms CurrentItem as a CommandParameter then how can you act on the data? –  Stimul8d Aug 27 '11 at 11:12

If you want act on the data you can also make a binding to CurrentItem and use it through your command (or elsewhere) so you can do whatever you want to the item.

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