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In my application , I have ApiController with actionUsers, So in YII the path becomes api/users. Now in order to get certain users info , I use the following path api/users/id/10 where 10 is the userID and id part of the path is basically a GET parameter (api/users?id=10).

Is there any way to do the same thing without id part of the path, i.e. I want my path to look like api/users/10?

Thank you!

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You're going to need to put in rule patterns in the urlManager component:

Yii Framework Documentation: url

Your config should look something like this:


You can then get the value by:

$id = Yii::app()->getRequest()->getQuery('id');
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It's a shame that Yii doesn't do this mapping for you implicitly. For 95% of cases, /users/view/1/ should go to UserController::view($id) without you having to instruct Yii to make this connection. –  Cosmic Mar 23 at 22:53

Try This......

$id = Yii::app()->request->getParam('id');
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