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I'm building an MFC app in Visual Studio 2008 which classifies textures and I need some sort of lightweight database to hold the characteristics (just some doubles and strings) which can be:

  • Carried around with the app on different computers
  • Be able to perform queries on it from the app (searches , updates ,inserts ,etc)

Currently I'm looking into SQL Server Compact Edition because it was very easy to create from Visual Studio (I also need only one table). But I;m having a hard time connecting and updating the database from C++.

This is what I've found on MSDN regarding C++ and SQLCE:

 void createSqlCeConnection(){
    SqlCeConnection* myConnection = new SqlCeConnection();
    myConnection->ConnectionString = "DataSource = blabla.sdf";
    MessageBox::Show(String::Format( S"Connection State: {0}", __box(myConnection->State)));

Unfortunately my experience with .NET apps is pretty limited.

Hopefully you bright minds could tell me if I'm on the right path and what links and includes should I add for this to work with an C++ MFC projects.

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I recently posted C++ source code for accessing SQL Server Compact 3.5 databases under <a href="stackoverflow.com/questions/8780656/… C++ code to display the names of tables in an SQL compact server using OLE DB</a>. –  Stephen Quan Feb 2 '12 at 10:09

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For C++ applications, you're going to want to use the OLE DB Provider for SQL CE. For example, take a look here for a code snippet on initializing a Session (you might have to explicitly click the C++ tab in the Examples section).

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