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what's the best frontend tool to manage H2 database? Create table, alter table, add coloumn ecc ecc..


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I like SQuirreL SQL Client, and NetBeans is useful even without the nice plugin, discussed here; but more often, I just fire up the built-in org.h2.tools.Server and browse port 8082:

$ java -cp /opt/h2/bin/h2.jar org.h2.tools.Server -help
Starts the H2 Console (web-) server, TCP, and PG server.
Usage: java org.h2.tools.Server 
When running without options, -tcp, -web, -browser and -pg are started.
Options are case sensitive. Supported options are:
[-help] or [-?]         Print the list of options
[-web]                  Start the web server with the H2 Console
[-webAllowOthers]       Allow other computers to connect - see below
[-webPort ]       The port (default: 8082)
[-webSSL]               Use encrypted (HTTPS) connections
[-browser]              Start a browser and open a page to connect to the web server
[-tcp]                  Start the TCP server
[-tcpAllowOthers]       Allow other computers to connect - see below
[-tcpPort ]       The port (default: 9092)
[-tcpSSL]               Use encrypted (SSL) connections
[-tcpPassword ]    The password for shutting down a TCP server
[-tcpShutdown ""]  Stop the TCP server; example: tcp://localhost:9094
[-tcpShutdownForce]     Do not wait until all connections are closed
[-pg]                   Start the PG server
[-pgAllowOthers]        Allow other computers to connect - see below
[-pgPort ]        The port (default: 5435)
[-baseDir ]        The base directory for H2 databases; for all servers
[-ifExists]             Only existing databases may be opened; for all servers
[-trace]                Print additional trace information; for all servers
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How about the H2 console application?

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+0 e.g. java -cp h2*.jar org.h2.tools.Console –  David d C e Freitas Sep 12 '11 at 11:07
Console application is great and can be accessed over http: localhost:8082 –  Yogesh Chawla Apr 3 at 22:00

I use sql-workbench for working with H2 and any other DBMS I have to deal with and it makes me smile :-)

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It's an amazing manager! –  marcolopes Oct 17 '12 at 2:00

one discuss found here

quote from Thomas Mueller:

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Found where? There is no link. –  Kshitiz Sharma Sep 2 '13 at 3:31
The link updated~~ –  btpka3 Sep 3 '13 at 3:11

I haven't used it, but RazorSQL looks pretty good.

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And it is not free. "The download expires 30 days after the first use. After the expiration, a registration code / serial number must be purchased to continue using RazorSQL. " –  btpka3 Aug 17 '11 at 5:50

I would like to suggest DBEAVER .it is based on eclipse and supports better data handling

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I would suggest Jetbrain's IDE: 0xDBE http://www.jetbrains.com/dbe/

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There's a shell client built in too which is handy.

java -cp h2*.jar org.h2.tools.Shell


$ java -cp h2.jar org.h2.tools.Shell -help
Interactive command line tool to access a database using JDBC.
Usage: java org.h2.tools.Shell <options>
Options are case sensitive. Supported options are:
[-help] or [-?]        Print the list of options
[-url "<url>"]         The database URL (jdbc:h2:...)
[-user <user>]         The user name
[-password <pwd>]      The password
[-driver <class>]      The JDBC driver class to use (not required in most cases)
[-sql "<statements>"]  Execute the SQL statements and exit
[-properties "<dir>"]  Load the server properties from this directory
If special characters don't work as expected, you may need to use
 -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 (Mac OS X) or CP850 (Windows).
See also http://h2database.com/javadoc/org/h2/tools/Shell.html
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