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How can i create a vanity url in codeigniter. Im having real trouble doing this in the framework. And there doesnt seem to be any good answers out there.

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It's possible, I'm using this in one of my projects...

Here is a thread on the CodeIgniter forums showing how to do it...

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According to Personalized User Vanity URL's in CodeIgniter, you can accomplish this by modifying your routes file:

$handle = opendir(APPPATH."/modules");
while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
    $route[$file] = $file;
    $route[$file."/(.*)"] = $file."/$1";

/*Your custom routes here*/

/*Wrap up, anything that isnt accounted for pushes to the alias check*/
$route['([a-z\-_\/]+)'] = "aliases/check/$1";
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