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With Coding Dojo you have the possibility to solve an isolated task with clear requirements in an agile and easy environment. In one session a mix of software engineers with different experience should participate. You and your team members can work together and benefit from each other because every participant has another point of view of software modeling. The result must not be perfect but it encourages you to use proven techniques for your future projects. Furthermore it amends your communication skills.

For future Coding Dojos meetings I need some ideas. What Dojo is your favorite? What session you like most and why? What have you learned from it?

To get an overview about Coding Dojo have a look at http://codingdojo.org/ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gav9fLVkZQc, too.

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The variations of Coding Dojo I know are:

  • Randori: a pair programming, 7 or 5 minutes round, doing TDD and solving a problem from the begining, people can't talk until green, you use a big screen to show the code to everybody.
  • Kata: it's a rehearsed presentation of any kind of coding technique. One solves a problem at home and then shows others, step-by-step, how did he do it.
  • Kake: You use 2 or more computers, one pair programming on each one. Other people can't see what's happening. Every 7 minutes you change pilots and co-pilots. More info here (pt-BR)

For problem, I think there are many websites:

The classic one, for begginers is the Roman Numbers Problem

And the book Programming Challenges

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I would also look for other people's experience at doing this and the problems they had. Some relevant blog posts including my own:

http://agilepainrelief.com/notesfromatooluser/2008/10/tdd-randori-session.html http://agilepainrelief.com/notesfromatooluser/2008/10/tdd-randori-workshop.html http://www.lagerweij.com/2011/06/23/my-first-coding-dojo/

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