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Is there any example code of a cpython (not IronPython) client which can call Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service?

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Can we safely assume that you're trying to call a SOAP- or REST-based service over HTTP? I doubt short of some sort of COM bridge between Python and a WCF client would be able to successfully call a TCP WCF service. –  technomalogical Nov 9 '08 at 21:46

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WCF needs to expose functionality through a communication protocol. I think the most commonly used protocol is probably SOAP over HTTP. Let's assume that's what you're using then.

Take a look at this chapter in Dive Into Python. It will show you how to make SOAP calls.

I know of no unified way of calling a WCF service in Python, regardless of communication protocol.

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I only got basicHttpBinding to work. If anyone know how to get wsHttpBinding to work, please post it here as well. –  Sleeper Smith Jun 21 '11 at 1:35

I used .

from suds.client import Client

print "Connecting to Service..."
wsdl = ""
client = Client(wsdl)
result = client.service.Method(variable1, variable2)
print result

That should get you started. I'm able to connect to exposed services from WCF and a RESTful layer. There needs to be some data massaging to help do what you need, especially if you need to bind to several namespaces.

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No module named suds.client, where do you get suds from? –  Itay Levin Nov 24 '14 at 12:35
@ItalyLevin you need to use pip. –  stephen Mar 18 at 15:26

I do not know of any direct examples, but if the WCF service is REST enabled you could access it through POX (Plain Old XML) via the REST methods/etc (if the service has any). If you are in control of the service you could expose endpoints via REST as well.

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if you need binary serialized communication over tcp then consider implementing solution like Thrift.

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Even if there is not a specific example of calling WCF from Python, you should be able to make a fully SOAP compliant service with WCF. Then all you have to do is find some examples of how to call a normal SOAP service from Python.

The simplest thing will be to use the BasicHttpBinding in WCF and then you can support your own sessions by passing a session token with each request and response.

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