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I need to write an user menu for an embedded device (mips linux). The menu has to be accessible from network (web page - AJAX?) and it has to be able to read/write hardware settings. What would be the easiest way to implement such an app/server? Where do I start?

PS: c/c++ preferred. PS 2: I have limited resources

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Take a look at mongoose embeddable web server.

See this related page on writing web applications.

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It was shttpd the last time I used it. Worked great on a Win CE project. Glad it see it has found a new home and name. And now it has language bindings -- sweet! –  Bob Nadler May 4 '10 at 2:55

If you are running linux you could try thttpd - tiny/turbo/throttling HTTP server

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You may also consider a commercial server such as the Barracuda Server: http://barracudaserver.com/

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Full disclosure: this is a sock puppet user, spamming links to their company's website. This one remained, but most other users were deleted. I wouldn't consider this an endorsement by any actual SO user. –  arserbin3 May 20 '14 at 18:21

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