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How do I split on all nonalphanumeric characters, EXCEPT the apostrophe?


works, but will also split on apostrophes. How do I add an exception to this rule?


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Try this:


Note the w is now lowercase, because it represents all alphanumeric characters (note that that includes the underscore). The character class [^\w'] refers to anything that's not (^) either alphanumeric (\w) or an apostrophe.

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By starting a character class with ^, it inverts the definition, so [^\w'] is the inverse of [\w'], which would match an alphanumeric/underscore/apostrophe.

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The answers here don't work, as 'quoted' words will not be stripped of their apostrophes.

What works for me is

re.split(r"\W'+|^'+|'+\W|'$|[^\w']+", text)

i.e. remove:

apostrophe(s) after non-word OR apostrophe(s) at line start OR apostrophe(s) before non-word OR the current solution

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