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I have a back-end MS Access 2002-2003 database which stores blog entries. I created a separate front-end database with the forms for entering blog posts into the backend database. Finally, I have a website utilizing ASP to display the blog entries.

The website connects directly to the backend database using an OLEDB connection object. Whenever I open the form for creating a new post in MS Access, loading the blog post page on the website displays the error:

Could not use "; file already in use.

I would like to be able to display the older blog posts even though the newest one is in the process of being added.

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Do all users have a minimum of read and write permissions on the directory in which the file resides? If not, the file will be locked because the .ldb cannot be updated.

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As well as the folder access rights it might be worth checking you are not opening the database up in exclusive mode as this would “lock out” other users.

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I'm not an OLEDB/ADO user, but I just Googled on this and this page about ADO Recordsets indicates there's a static recordset type. It would seem to me that this would be exactly what you want, no?

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