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I am looking for a tool in Eclipse that I can view graphically all osgi bundles' dependencies. Anyone has any ideas, please?


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The STAN bundle and project dependency views are free add-ons. Here's a sample dependency graph: http://stan4j.com/images/stories/misc/plugin-deps.png

Quick feature list:

  • horizontal, vertical, narrow layout options
  • node markers +/- indicate outgoing/incoming dependencies currently not shown
  • double-clicking a node adds outgoing dependencies
  • double-clicking a node while holding the control key adds incoming dependencies not shown
  • edge labels indicate "requires-bundle" and/or "imports-packages"
  • supports drag'n drop from the project/package explorer

Visit http://stan4j.com for further information and download/install instructions.

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There is a "Plug-in" dependencies viewer in the Plug-in development perspective, is that what you are looking for?

Also see here:


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Found one. STAN tool is a good one (http://stan4j.com/advanced/acyclic-dependencies-principle.html). Although this is a commercial tool, it still has the free version that can analyze the structure of maximum 500 classes and have no limit with bundles and projects. This is more than what I need.

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There's tool from Eclipse PDE incubator called Dependency Visualization. Despite it's in incubating phase and seems a little bit abandoned, it doest the job very well for me.

  1. Add new software site http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/pde/incubator/visualization/site
  2. Install a feature
  3. After restart, open Window / Show view / Graph plug-in dependencies under PDE category
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