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Is it possible to fire an event when the innerHTML of a changes?

I am using YUI 3.


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There is no out of the box onchange event for divs. If you want this you are going to have write this yourself (with a timer and storing whats the current value etc).

I would however try to take it a step back and call a method when you change the innerValue of that div to take care of ... w/e.

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I don't have control over the code which changes the innerHTML. That's why I want fire the event. –  Sudar May 4 '10 at 8:22

Use a setter:

  function(newHTML) {


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I found two problems with this approach. 1) The function get's called, but I am not able to actually set the innerHTML now. if I call this.innerHTML = newHTML, then the method get's called infinitely. 2) Doesn't seem to work in Safari and Chrome –  Sudar May 4 '10 at 8:36

I think Fabian's right in that you'll need to user a timer and compare the value.

That being said, the right way to do this in YUI3 would be to define a synthetic DOM event using later.

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