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I am trying to create Excel file using OpenXML SDK. I have one situation to get WorkBookPart from WorkSheet instance. How can I get it?

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Which property are you looking for?

You can find the list of the properties on this page, especially, you can find the Workbook property, for instance, you would use DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Workbook

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There is a path from Worksheet to Workbook through the Package object:

Worksheet ws = someWorksheet;
SpreadsheetDocument ssDoc = ws.WorksheetPart.OpenXmlPackage as SpreadsheetDocument;
Workbook = ssDoc.WorkbookPart.Workbook;
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worksheet.WorksheetPart.GetParentParts().First() This should get the WorkBookPart, where worksheet is the WorkSheet instance.

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I know this is an old question, but I thought I would give the full RIGHT answer of what Ant was asking. I came across this question when I was searching for the same answer. This is tested and works.

Lets say for some reason you have a Worksheet object named worksheet:

Worksheet worksheet = ((WorksheetPart)_spreadsheet.WorkbookPart.GetPartById("rId1")).Worksheet;

Now maybe, later on in my program I need to get the Workbook Part for some reason:

WorkbookPart workbookPart = (WorkbookPart) worksheet.WorksheetPart.GetParentParts().First();

That's all!

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