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How would i get the current URL with Python,

I need to grab the current URL so i can check it for query strings e.g

requested_url = "URL_HERE"

url = urlparse(requested_url)

if url[4]:
    params = dict([part.split('=') for part in url[4].split('&')])

also this is running in Google App Engine

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Try this:


Also, if you just need the querystring, this will work:


And, lastly, if you know the querystring variable that you're looking for, you can do this:

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self.request.query_string works great thanks –  Alex May 4 '10 at 11:31

For anybody finding this via google,

i figured it out,

you can get the query strings on your current request using:

url_get = self.request.GET

which is a UnicodeMultiDict of your query strings!

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Yes, in general you want to use the tools provided by your framework and not manually parse URLs; this is a solved problem. –  Wooble May 4 '10 at 12:50

Try this

import os
url = os.environ['HTTP_HOST']
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this appears to ignore any query strings as it's only grabbing the host URL: ParseResult(scheme='localhost', netloc='', path='8080', params='', query='', fragment='') –  Alex May 4 '10 at 11:13

I couldn't get the other answers to work, but here is what worked for me:

    url = os.environ['HTTP_HOST']
    uri = os.environ['REQUEST_URI']
    return url + uri
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