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It's a while since I've done this, but I'm trying to add a custom button graphic to a windows button, with some transparent areas. I've tried various schemes but can't seem to get the transparent areas to show. Here's my code:



Does anyone notice any problems here? It works if my bitmap is a 1-bit bitmap. I couldn't get a 32 bit bitmap to work, and I'm not sure how to setup a 24 bit or 8 bit bitmap to do it.... I tried a custom 255,0,255 color (which IIRC is a default transparent value), but so far no joy....

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LR_LOADMAP3DCOLORS should map grey - in the source image - to to the current button face color. Buttons do not use AlphaBlt or TransparentBlt so there is no way to actually (short of custom painting) set a bitmap with transparent or alpha'd areas onto a button and expect it to work. You just have to pre-prepare the bitmap with the correct button color in its background areas.

  • That said - I suspect that some of these restrictions may be lifted for buttons implemented by common controls v6. Add commctl 6 as a dependend assembly to your exe and see if the behaviour changes.
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