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What I'm trying to achieve here is lets say we have two example URLs:

url1 = "http://emy.dod.com/kaskaa/dkaiad/amaa//////////"
url2 = "http://www.example.com/"

How can I extract the striped down URLs?

url1 = "http://emy.dod.com/kaskaa/dkaiad/amaa"
url2 = "http://http://www.example.com"

URI.parse in Ruby sanitizes certain type of malformed URL but is ineffective in this case.

If we use regex then /^(.*)\/$/ removes a single slash / from url1 and is ineffective for url2.

Is anybody aware of how to handle this type of URL parsing?

The point here is I don't want my system to have http://www.example.com/ and http://www.example.com being treated as two different URLs. And same goes for http://emy.dod.com/kaskaa/dkaiad/amaa//// and http://emy.dod.com/kaskaa/dkaiad/amaa/.

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@other_people_reading_this_question If, like me, you only need to remove one trailing slash, you can use String#chomp. E.g: "/path/to/directory/".chomp("/") –  Ajedi32 Jul 23 '13 at 14:59

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If you just need to remove all slashes from the end of the url string then you can try the following regex:


/(\/)+$/ - this regex finds one or more slashes at the end of the string. Then we replace this match with empty string.

Hope this helps.

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Good answer. A minor regex comment is that the parentheses are not required here. –  user253455 May 4 '10 at 20:28
Thanks Alex. I figured out yesterday gsub(/\/*$/) works too as crudson mentioned. –  splintercell May 6 '10 at 10:50

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