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I have a simple unit test where I execute the same NHibernate named query 2 times (different session each time) with the identical parameter. It's a simple int parameter, and since my query is a named query I assume these 2 calls are identical and the results should be cached.

In fact, I can see in my log that the results ARE being cached, but with different keys. So, my 2nd query results are never found in cache.

here's a snip from my log (note how the keys are different):

(first query)

DEBUG NHibernate.Caches.SysCache2.SysCacheRegion [(null)] <(null)> - adding new data: key= [snipped]... parameters: ['809']; named parameters: {}@743460424 & value=System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.Object]

(second query)

DEBUG NHibernate.Caches.SysCache2.SysCacheRegion [(null)] <(null)> - adding new data: key=[snipped]... parameters: ['809']; named parameters: {}@704749285 & value=System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.Object]

I have NHibernate set up to use the query cache. And I have these queries set to cacheable=true. Don't know where else to look. Anyone have any suggestions?


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Okay - i figured this out. I was executing my named query using the following syntax:

IQuery q = session.GetNamedQuery("MyQuery")

( which, I might add, is EXACTLY how the NHibernate docs tell you how to do it.. but I digress ;) )

If you use create a new AliasToBean Transformer for every query, then each query object (which is the key to the cache) will be unique and you will never get a cache hit. So, in short, if you do it like the nhib docs say then caching wont work.

Instead, create your transformer one time in a static member var and then use that for your query, and caching will work - like this:

private static IResultTransformer myTransformer = Transformers.AliasToBean(typeof(MyDTO))


IQuery q = session.GetNamedQuery("MyQuery")
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The docs make no reference to transformers in the context of caching. The behavior makes sense. – Diego Mijelshon May 5 '10 at 15:03
It only makes sense once you study the logs and see what's going on. :) – HokieMike May 10 '10 at 14:06
nice one, came across this myself and thought was sure i'd done something wrong. – dove Aug 26 '10 at 11:30

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