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I have started a new project on Google code, and I chose Mercurial as VCS. I forced a push over the remote repository, since it created two heads, problem is: now I don't know how to merge this two heads on the remote repository!

Please help, it's my first time with Mercurial, and I want it to be as painless as possible ;) Oh, and forgive the succynthness of my question. If extra information is needed, tell me.


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No problem. Just clone that repo to a new clone locally (now you'll have two heads), do a hg merge locally followed by a hg commit locally (now you'll have one head locally) and then hg push to remote (now you'll have one head remotely).

That merge changeset you're creating when you merge has two parents, so it removes a head for whomever has it.

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Thanks, it worked! –  Fabzter May 6 '10 at 15:45

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