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i want to count the unread emails in exchange with c# i all conected to the exchange, and get all users and the corresponding email.

for the connection i have ..

    RunspaceConfiguration rsConfig = RunspaceConfiguration.Create();
                PSSnapInException snapInException = null;
                PSSnapInInfo info = rsConfig.AddPSSnapIn("Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.Admin", out snapInException);
                Runspace myRunSpace = RunspaceFactory.CreateRunspace(rsConfig);

                Pipeline pipeline = myRunSpace.CreatePipeline();
                Command myCommand = new Command("Get-Mailbox");


                Collection<PSObject> commandResults = pipeline.Invoke();

                // Ok, now we've got a bunch of mailboxes, cycle through them
                foreach (PSObject mailbox in commandResults)
                    //define which properties to get
                    foreach (String propName in new string[] { "Name", "EmailAddresses", "Database", "OrganizationalUnit", "UserPrincipalName" })
                        //grab the specified property of this mailbox
                        Object objValue = mailbox.Properties[propName].Value;
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i dont kwnow how can i count the unread emails :S –  Luis May 4 '10 at 17:06

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The command you want is Get-MailboxStatistics. You can get the Inbox_Number_Unread off the objects returned.

Glen Scales posted this blog article about pulling similar information via PowerShell. It should point you in the right direction. It has a full script which gathers useful properties off all mailboxes.

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