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I am trying to access my heroku app from work (windows machine).

I installed cygwin on the machine and generated ssh-key as well. However, I get the below error:

C:>heroku keys:add "C:\cygwin\home\4541450\" Uploading ssh public key C:\cygwin\home\4541450\ Enter your Heroku credentials. Email: Password: Uploading ssh public key C:\cygwin\home\c54550\ ! Contents Invalid public key / Contents Invalid public key / Fingerprint can 't be blank

I generated the ssh key with the command below.

ssh-keygen2 "" -t rsa

ssh-keygen is not available with this cygwin.

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the "C:\cygwin\home\4541450\" should be your public key, not the private one

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Awesome, that worked for me. It's amazing how often it's the simple things... – Taryn East Oct 3 '10 at 11:47

Perhaps my other answer here is helpful. It's my setup for deploying to Heroku from Windows.

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Do you have a passphrase on the key? Mine didn't work until I generated one with a passphrase.

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