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how can i use mysqldump

to backup and restore database to a remote server

both have root access

i am using putty

i tried this

mysqldump -u root -p >z*x311a!@ masdagn_joom15 | mysql \ -u root -p g2154hE6-AsXP --host= -C masdagn_joom15temp \g

but it refused

localpassword: >z*x311a!@

remote password: g2154hE6-AsXP

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For future notice, I'd be cautious about publicly posting your database credentials. Hope you've changed them! – Brad Koch Mar 5 '13 at 15:32
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This link provides information on backing up and restoring with mysqldump. It also gives some examples with a remote server.

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i am really using this but when i enter the command mysqldump it gives me nothing only the command prompt again – manhag May 4 '10 at 20:36
mysqldump --user=username --password=pwd db_name | bzip2 -c > /backup_dir/db_name.sql.bz2

you can embed this part in a script, afterward you can use FTP to transfer to the other location.

To restore, you can

bzip2 -d db_name.sql.bz2
mysql --user=username --password=pwd db_name < db_name.sql
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