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Is there any way to write multilanguage documentation using POD? If no, what should I write it in (I already have POD documentation in English, so I will want to convert it and then translate)?

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  1. If you're asking whether POD supports non-English encoding, the answer is a resounding YES. Here's an example of brian d foy's article (in POD format) translated into Russian:

  2. If you are wondering if it's possible to stick multi-language POD into the same file, there's a fairly curious example here:

    It uses Pod::Multilang

    However, i'm not entirely certain how (or even if) it works, as I could not find two examples of html generated straight from that mlpod.

  3. See - this is a project for international perldoc

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If you're preparing your module for distribution on CPAN, create separate .pod files for the translations of your documentation.

For example, if you have included the English documentation in My/, you could create the files My/Module-jp.pod, My/Module-ru.pod, etc.:

=head1 NAME

My::Module-pl - Atin-lay Ig-pay ocumentation-day or-fay y-may odule-may




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That is how I do now. Is it the official way? – ZyX May 4 '10 at 22:27
@ZyX - I'm not sure there's an "official" way but it seems a popular way for at least russian modules which I saw when researching my answer to this question. – DVK May 4 '10 at 23:43
There is no official way. – tsee May 5 '10 at 9:25

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