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I was wondering if i could assign values to a variable inside an IF statement. My code is as follows:

    if ((count($newArray) = array("hello", "world")) == 0) {
        // do something

So basically i want assign the array to the $newArray variable, then count newArray and check to see if it is an empty array.

I know i can do this on several lines but just wondered if i could do it on one line

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Try this:

if(count($newArray = array("Hello", "world")) == 0) {

I'd advice against this though, as it makes your code less readable. And highly illogical too as you know that the array in question contains two values. But perhaps you have something else in mind. :)

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Yeah, you can, like so:

if(count($ary = array(1,2,3)))

Doing a var_dump of $ary gives:

array(3) {
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Actually you don't need to use count inside the if statement, because an empty array is considered to be false in PHP. See PHP documentation.

So your code can look like this:

if (!$newArray = array("hello", "world")) {
    echo "newArray is empty";
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