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I've installed just about every library/gem that I could find for memcached/memcache, but everytime I attempt to run my application I get this error:

Error message:
uninitialized constant Rails::Initializer::MemCache

Exception class:

I have tried $ telnet localhost 11211 and memcached is definitely running. Any ideas?

(I'm running Apache2/Passenger)

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I should also add that I'm using Ruby, not Ruby EE if that matters. –  tomeara May 5 '10 at 3:37

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I ended up having to put

require 'MemCache'

in my environment.rb

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Try to load it at the irb prompt.

# irb
> require 'rubygems'
> gem 'memcache-client'

This should give you a more descriptive error message.

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The output was: => true –  tomeara May 5 '10 at 3:04
Do you have require 'memcache-client' in environment.rb? –  MattMcKnight May 5 '10 at 3:40
Thanks for your help, BTW. I do... the line looks like this: config.gem "memcache-client", :lib => "memcache" –  tomeara May 5 '10 at 3:49
sorry, above that line i also have: require 'memcache' –  tomeara May 5 '10 at 4:35

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