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Is there any way to trap an error and exit gracefully from Perl? I am working on a script which might fail due to a SIG event from the OS or other applications running on my server. I wish to trap this event, display the error and exit after closing all files and other attributes I have open during the execution of the script.

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Use the %SIG hash to install signal handlers. Example:

$SIG{INT} = 'SigIntHandler';

Where SigIntHandler is a sub that you write to be called when an interrupt is caught.

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thanks, that was helpful. – gagneet Nov 10 '08 at 4:27
does %SIG require any standard library to be used? – gagneet Nov 10 '08 at 4:29
No, it does not. – Aristotle Pagaltzis Nov 10 '08 at 5:23

See perldoc sigtrap.

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thanks will look up the doc for this. although was getting a bit confused with the same... could you give an example for how this can be handled? – gagneet Nov 10 '08 at 4:28

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