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as the question says...does anyone know how I can remove these files? I didn't commit the changes in TFS before I deleted them locally and now they always appear in the Pending Changes window...I'd like to get rid of them


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Right-click on the file in the Pending Changes List, choose Undo.

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it can't find the file to undo the changes because I have deleted it – kurasa May 5 '10 at 5:07
believe it or not I actually had this same exact problem. I also didn't have the files. I right-clicked "view pending changes" on the solution and it pulled up all of the pending changes to my deleted files. I then selected them all, and right-clicked undo. It worked! – KevinDeus Dec 7 '10 at 20:00
@kurasa you might have been in the wrong workspace therefore not seeing the correct list of files – Ryan Rodemoyer Jun 21 '13 at 18:57
Worked for me, I had lots of backup files from an upgrade that had been checked in to source, i deleted them to clean up the project then there were 1000 items that could not be checked in due to not being there. – WraithNath Aug 20 '14 at 10:32
"Undo" is kind of misleading, since really the changes have been undone in the version you're working with. – Señor O Sep 19 '14 at 17:46
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I recreated the deleted folder and files in TFS and checked them in. Then I deleted them and they were gone from the Pending changes window.

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It's simpler than that. Just select the deleted file(s) and right click and select Check-in. Files will be "checked-in" and deleted.

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