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Is it possible to call a ruby method inside javascript? One way of implementing it is via ajax calls, but is there a way I can embed that ruby function inside the js file and call it just like calling any other js function?

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Yes. If you're viewing with a browser containing an embedded Ruby runtime. –  Pierreten May 5 '10 at 5:31

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No. Not without using Silverlight Dynamic Languages (or similar plugin) to act as a vessel for the language.

Even then, it's not embedding into JS, it's just adding another possible language to the <script> tag.

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I think you want something like RubyJS. This is a port of Google Web Toolkit to Ruby. Essentially it will let you write Ruby code that is compiled into JavaScript then run in the browser.

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Assuming you want the JavaScript to run in a web browser: No. Browsers don't have Ruby engines built in.

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For Rubyt there was http://hotruby.yukoba.jp/ but it seems like the project stalled.

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