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i am getting following error in apache log

File does not exist: D:/wamp/www/script/products, referer: http://localhost/script/products/category/product-123.html whenever following url http://localhost/script/products/category/product-123.html is parsed through this rewrite rule RewriteRule ^products/([~A-Za-z0-9-"]+)/([~A-Za-z0-9-".]+).html$ index.php?page_type=products&prod=$2 [L].

The script and rule is working fine but i am getting that error in apache error log

Please help and thanks in advance.

Bellow is RewriteLog of level 2 - - [29/Sep/2010:13:36:59 +0500] [localhost/sid#cc5150][rid#22579b8/initial] (2) [perdir D:/wamp2/www/script/] rewrite 'products/dresses/flower-dress.html' -> 'index.php?page_type=products&prod=flower-dress&catg=dresses' - - [29/Sep/2010:13:36:59 +0500] [localhost/sid#cc5150][rid#22579b8/initial] (2) [perdir D:/wamp2/www/script/] strip document_root prefix: D:/wamp2/www/script/index.php -> /script/index.php - - [29/Sep/2010:13:36:59 +0500] [localhost/sid#cc5150][rid#22579b8/initial] (1) [perdir D:/wamp2/www/script/] internal redirect with /script/index.php [INTERNAL REDIRECT] - - [29/Sep/2010:13:36:59 +0500] [localhost/sid#cc5150][rid#225e760/initial/redir#1] (1) [perdir D:/wamp2/www/script/] pass through D:/wamp2/www/script/index.php - - [29/Sep/2010:13:36:59 +0500] [localhost/sid#cc5150][rid#2269a00/initial] (1) [perdir D:/wamp2/www/script/] pass through D:/wamp2/www/script/prototype.js - - [29/Sep/2010:13:36:59 +0500] [localhost/sid#cc5150][rid#227ba48/initial] (1) [perdir D:/wamp2/www/script/] pass through D:/wamp2/www/script/images/zoom0.png

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Activate the RewriteLog ( and check your ErrorLog afterwards. – joschi Sep 28 '10 at 7:02
Should be moved to ServerFault. – joschi Sep 28 '10 at 7:03
@joschi i have activated RewriteLog as you suggested, but nothing is showing up in the rewrite.log file.its empty. – Imran Naqvi Sep 28 '10 at 12:03
You have to set RewriteLogLevel (…) to a sensible value, too. – joschi Sep 28 '10 at 12:10
@joschi yes now the log is being generated in rewrite.log by setting RewriteLogLevel. But by just accessing one url log of 422KB is generated. How can i show it to you? By the way i have read all the log but did not found any unusual stuff. – Imran Naqvi Sep 28 '10 at 13:04

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