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I am tired of doing typical CRUD programming type applications. I would like to work on some interesting (not too hard) programming problems. Are there any sites out there to help me exercise my brain?

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Project Euler: is a nice collection of randomly interesting problems.

Somewhat related (not always programming, but generally interesting to programmers) is the IBM ponder this site:

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One other great site is ... :)

There are some really great questions asked on this site. I find it fun to pick some of the questions and develop answers for them. Often I pick a theme. For instance for the last week, I've tried to solve as many problems as possible using only a single LINQ expression.

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I've used the problems on Ruby Quiz before. Other than that Dave Thomas' CodeKata and see if there is a Coding Dojo near you.

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Check DotNetPerls they have a good selection of problems and solutions focusing in C# programming.

I also like the C# Brainteasers from Jon Skeet, good code snippets to read and learn more about the language, some have very interesting and surprising results...

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Checkout for CodeChef Interesting problems here any language vl do

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Try SPOJ they have a good amount of problems for you to work on. They also vary in difficulty.

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