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When making a django request through json as,

 var info=id + "##" +name+"##"
 $.post("/supervise/activity/" + info ,[] ,
 function Handler(data,arr) 


In urls.py

  (r'^activity/(?P<info>\d+)/$, 'activity'),

In views,

 def activity(request,info):
     print info

The request does not go through.info is a string.How can this be resolved


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Not enough data. You're regex implies that is numeric string (composed only of digits) is this true? Does it work from browser? –  Ivan May 5 '10 at 7:30

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^activity/(?P<info>\d+)/$ will only match something like 'activity/42/' and the number (in this case 42) will be info.

If you appended '##name##' to the url, it will not be recognized.

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