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I'd like to prevent the real setter code being invoked on a property on a partial class.

What is the syntax for this?

My current code to stub out the getter (I'd like to also stub out the setter):

var user = MockRepository.GeneratePartialMock<User>(ctor params...);
user.MyProperty = "blah";

Something like this?

user.Stub(u => u.MyProperty).Do(null);
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Here's a 3.5 sample that does what you need (I think your syntax above is 3.1 or 3.2).

First, I have a delegate for the property setter call:

private delegate void NoAction(string value);

Then use the Expect.Call with "SetPropertyAndIgnoreArgument" in addition to the "Do":

var repository = new MockRepository();
var sample = repository.PartialMock<Sample>();

Expect.Call(sample.MyProperty).SetPropertyAndIgnoreArgument().Do(new NoAction(DoNothing));


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