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I have a CRichEditCtrl, and an algorithm works on its contents in-place, iterating through the contents and making changes. This seems to cause it to re-paaint every time, which causes flickering and a noticeable time to complete the operation, especially if the control starts scrolling. I wondered if there's a neat way for me to stop it repainting for a period. It's actually a custom subclass of CRichEditCtrl in use so I was thinking something like:

void MyCustomEditCtrl::DoAlgorithm()
 //to the actual work

What's the neatest approach? A custom on-paint handler which does nothing when an operation is in progress? Or can repainting actually be disabled?

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I've never used the function but it looks like you want to look at CWnd::SetRedraw.

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That seems to do the trick, thanks. –  Mr. Boy May 5 '10 at 10:29

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