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My VB.Net application uses isolated activeX (outer), that depends on another activeX (inner), both are using registration-free-com.

The generated manifest file contains only the information for the outer activeX. (probably because vs cannot know that the outer activeX is using inner activeX )

When I re-build my project, I always need to manually add the information for the inner activeX to the manifest file, otherwise the application only shows the outer, without the inner.

Is there a way to inform visual studio (2010) that I do not want it to re-generate the manifest file for each build?



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Try this: /MANIFEST (Create Side-by-Side Assembly Manifest)

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I have VB.Net application (I added it now to the original question). Do I have such a flag also in VB .Net projects? [I did not find the "Configuration" nor "Linker" nodes in my projectProperties window] –  Atara May 11 '10 at 10:37

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