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I'm developing a program that will be published on my university's website. In this program I use two libraries, one under the LGPL and one under the CPOL (link text). I plan on releasing the complete source code, libraries included (without modification). Do those licenses clash? What do I have to do to "fix" it? Do I have to do anything in particular (put text in source code files, put references in documentation...)?

Thanks in advance.

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According to Wikipedia, the CPOL is not recognized as a free license by the FSF:

... due to the restrictions within the CPOL forbidding usage for illegal purposes and the restrictions on selling the code without permission. The license is thus incompatible with the GNU General Public License and some other open source licenses.

But since you are using libraries (linked with your program, and not included in the final binary), and since one of them is LGPL (and not GPL), I guess it's OK.

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