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EDIT: If I have a class called Items and it has a movieclip instance which is loaded from a url. The startDrag on item fails. If Items contains a movieclip which we initiate from a SWC (not load it) on Drag works fine.

Now how to solve the issue where I have a class which has a movieClip loaded from outside.

I have the following code:

package { import flash.display.Sprite; import;

import lib.CustomEvents.ItemLoadCompleteEvent;
import lib.Room.Item;
import lib.Room.ItemStruct;

public class DragTest extends Sprite
    private var itemInstance:Item;
    public function DragTest()
        var tempItemStruct:ItemStruct = new ItemStruct("test",0,0,200,250,"wall","","inventory");
        itemInstance = new Item(tempItemStruct);


    private function loadComplete(e:ItemLoadCompleteEvent):void


    private function mouseUp(e:MouseEvent):void

    private function mouseDown(e:MouseEvent):void



I have used the same code with a normal clip and it works. When I use it with my own defined item it does not work. Here are the details.

itemStruct: containing the properties of the item to be made. item : Loads the itemstruct defined item and puts it in a movieclip (item is inherited from movieclip)

Traces from the above code, show that only the mouseUp function works mouseDown does not work. Though the same code works fine for a simple movieclip

I have already tried


EDIT: I have tried put the mouseDown on stage again if I click outside the item and drag from stage it both mouseDown and Up seem to work. But If I click on the item and drag. Still no luck. I have also added the item as movieclip on stage.

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the event is probably being dispatched from the loaded clip, not item itself. Try using the mouseChildren property to catch all events.

 item.mouseChildren = false;
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I have made it work somehow, but still I need a solution for attaching the mouseDown on the parentClass of the moviclip. Still its still working on the direct movielclip itself. – Fahim Akhter May 6 '10 at 17:36

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