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Requirement is to create a reusable multi-select combobox custom control. To accomplish this, I am creating the DataTemplate dynamically through code and set the combobox ItemTemplate. I am able to load the datatemplate dynamically and set the ItemTemplate, but getting unhandled exception (code: 7054) when combobox is selected.

Here is the code

 Class MultiSelCombBox: ComboBox
    public override void OnApplyTemplate()

    void CreateTemplate()
        DataTemplate dt = null;
        if (CreateItemTemplate)
            if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(CheckBoxBind))
                dt = XamlReader.Load(@"<DataTemplate xmlns='' xmlns:x='' x:Name=""DropDownTemplate""><Grid xmlns='' xmlns:x='' x:Name=""CheckboxGrid""><TextBox xmlns='' xmlns:x='' x:Name=""test"" xml:space=""preserve"" Text='{Binding " + TextContent + "}'/></Grid></DataTemplate>") as DataTemplate;
                this.ItemTemplate = dt;
  //Other code goes here }}

what am i doing wrong? suggestion?

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err.. mistake in the code. shouldn't redefine namespaces on each element. Top element only.

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